Targa Chianti, the best of Tuscany in a great classic car event by Camet


The Auto Moto d’Epoca Toscano Club (Camet) offers the best of the Tuscan territory by combining motoring passion and competition in the name of taste


Targa Chianti is a different, jovial and decidedly bubbly proposal. Even if not all the bottles featured in the event have bubbles, of course. And they are not always white wines. What undoubtedly unites them is the doc origin from one of the most loved and famous territories for the production of wines: Chianti, in fact. It is here that the most important manufacturing companies are reached by the historic cars of the participants in the Targa and it is here that the crews are transformed into sommeliers for a day. Or rather, three times in a day: as many as the number of wineries involved in each edition.


Leonardo Comucci, collector of historic cars, member of Camet and sommelier, takes care of the oenological part of the event

The couple of Paolo Genovese and Margherita Vanni always do very good at the targa and have won the trophy several times


The ranking in the glass. It works like this: the regularity time trials take place first, to make sure the codrivers are still well-focused (!). Yes, because the enological part of the competition belongs to them and only to them. And it can happen, for example, that a good score achieved on the pressure switches suddenly drops due to an undetected tannic level or fruity flavor! Laughter and fun at the Targa Chianti are guaranteed and surprises and twists with reversal of the results are also highly probable. By now, in the past six editions, everything has been seen. Like hilarious squabbles in the family with excellent drivers who arrived at the bottom of the results for the completely imaginative answers to the quizzes by his wife… As well as particularly well-assorted teams that, thanks to a good familiarity in regularity and the right answers of the co-driver to the wine questionnaire, they have won the victory several times.


The Furesi family, winners in 2021, with the ceramic Rooster, which is both the symbol of the Chianti Classico Consortium and the Chianti Targa trophy

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Cheers! After a description of the various types of wines by Leonardo Comucci, a sommelier member of Camet who is also a teacher in a school in the sector, the tastings start. At the end, passengers must recognize the tasted labels based on anonymous bottles and must give a series of answers on the characteristics of the wines within a questionnaire. Each answer corresponds to points, after which the Targa Chianti Trophy is awarded considering what has been achieved in the time trial test with the driver’s expertise, added to the total accumulated by the other crew member in the questions. The award? It can only be a splendid cockerel symbol of the Chianti Classico Consortium. It is kept by the first in the standings for a year and then delivered to the winners of the next Targa. But there is actually a “medal” for everyone and it is a tasting glass with a grinded image of each edition. A gift to be collected from year to year, always very welcome to the participants. Raise the glasses, then, of one of the oldest clubs in Italy – founded in Florence in 1968 – and meet on October 2nd for the Targa Chianti 2022. With its fun and engaging formula, it adds an even more festive twist to the usual gatherings and trips in Chianti, which even for the 750 members and friends of the Club always remain timeless classics.


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