The Motoring Art brought to life by Stefano Notargiacomo

Laura Ferriccioli

Inspired by cars, which have always been his passion, Stefano Notargiacomo composes artworks to embellish everyday life


Lamps, desk items, furnishing accessories. With his artistic flair, Stefano Notargiacomo transforms suggestions and motoristic evocations into real objects. His works are unique pieces of great refinement and aesthetic research that arise from spare parts and parts of vintage engines, assembled and combined with materials such as marble, fabrics and Plexiglas. Just to mention a few. The distinctive sign of them all is that they are creations with a functionality. It can happen, for example, that the tappet cover of a Ferrari 348 TS, combined with a transparent base and other elements, illuminates the top of a desk. Or that a Porsche frieze is transformed into an elegant and charming glove box. Always keeping alive the memory and personality of the motorsport brands. The pieces are in fact assembled with their original characteristics, including the signs of aging, which represent a real added value.


From the grill of a Ferrari California the consolle lamp Red Passion was born
A Lamborghini brake caliper with the light source inside is supported by the transparent methacrylate structure. That’s Giallolambo, a desk lamp with a cable covered in fabric
Also for this work, based on a Lamborghini tappet cover, the structure is in transparent methacrylate. While the fluorescent green of the cable takes up the color of some of the brand’s iconic models. Both of these works inspired by the Bull were on pole at the Bull Day, the gathering dedicated to the bolides of the brand at the Forte Belvedere in Florence last June
Stefano Notargiacomo posing next to one of his lamps. Since 2014 his works have appeared in prestigious magazines all over the world including Octane, Marie Claire Maison and Classic Porsche

Engines that furnish. Born and living in Rome, 50 years old, Stefano also demonstrated creativity in his training by putting together a degree in graphic arts with a degree in Political Science. Then, seven years ago, he set himself the goal of “combining the charm of historic cars with interior design in the best possible way”, two worlds that have always fascinated him. Since then, he has been developing his projects – which he sells all over the world – and following their development phases. He moves between a few historic workshops in Rome and professional laboratories in which methacrylate and other materials are processed. “Each work is born from a piece of car or a motorcycle, no matter if ‘noble’ or not”, explains Stefano Notargiacomo, “and it is modeled on that piece, following its conformation. Often it is the collectors themselves who supply me with the spare parts from which I start, to see what can come out of a pedal, a carburetor, a mirror“.


Once consumed, the ostrich egg has become an integral part of this lamp made on commission for the owner of a farm. Two vintage horns support the egg it in its central position


Beauty will save the world. Stefano Notargiacomo’s works have been published in the most important international design and historic vehicle magazines. In addition to Italy, they have been exhibited in prestigious exhibitions and trade fairs in Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin. Four of them are also currently on display in Klassikstadt, a former factory converted into a car citadel in Frankfurt am Main. Each artist’s work is numbered and signed, as well as delivered in a beautiful custom-made box and accompanied by a short dossier on the history of the components. With lots of photographs showing the historic cars they come from.


Here and in the photo below: the main trophies of the Hero Cup 2019, organized by Hero Events. The two awards were consigned during the awards ceremony at the Royal Automobile Club in London in January 2020

A trophy for the Santa Marinella Circuit with homage to the Italian writer Giorgio Bassani
The Best of Show Trophy by Stefano Notargiacomo at Eleganza in Movimento, the historic car contest of Passione Engadina


Top class craftsmanship. There are also many classic car events that require a Notargiacomo trophy to be delivered to the winners – next ones are Passione Engadina, in St. Moritz, from 27 to 29 August and Classic Gala Schwetzingen, in Germany from 3 to 5 September. But most of the artist’s compositions are author’s gifts to give to oneself or for a special person. Stefano almost always works on commission and the advice is to call him in time in the case of compositions intended to seal a specific moment or perhaps conceived as precious Christmas gifts. Because certain elaborations, as we know, do not marry with the accelerated rhythms of our generic daily routine, but must be carried out with calm and deep dedication.

Tel. +39 324  547  28  54


Desk pen holder made from a connecting rod and a rear-view mirror




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