An App to revolutionise specialist car ownership for the next generation


In these times of hi-tech life, even garages are digitized just a click away. Leaving more room for fun


It is called Custodian, literally “keeper”, referring to the fact that collectors are actually “temporary conservators” of their cars, and the reason why it was invented is to make life easier for them in this pleasant but also costly undertaking. Imagine being able to archive deadlines, costs and maintenance and restoration works with a simple click on your smartphone. And to store invoices and documents in an instant by simply photographing them on the fly. Not only that: the history of the material acquired on a given vehicle can be shared in an instant and is easily accessible online by the owner at any time. With all the convenience that comes with it when traveling for an event, for example, or if you want to sell the car. All with the maximum guarantee of safety of the data. It only takes a few steps and what we select arrives directly in the e-mail or app of the buyer. Yes, because it is precisely a smartphone software that we are talking about. However, a system that can also be used on a dedicated online platform, from which the application can be downloaded for free.


Another benefit of using the app is automatic tracking of total car ownership costs, which can be useful to keep an eye on. In addition, a community has been created online, in a sort of social network of fans of historic vehicles in which they can publish photos and videos of their cars and watch the vehicles of others. The only drawback, Custodian is only in English. But the functions are simple, you don’t need to be fluent in Shakespeare’s language to move around the app and site. On the other hand, the idea was created by three young British entrepreneurs who are passionate about historical means. Co-founder and current CEO Charles Clegg commented, “Loving your car is easy, but car ownership isn’t. Custodian was founded to remove a lot of the traditional annoyances of car ownership by applying fresh-thinking and cutting-edge technology to the age-old problems of admin and looking after specialist cars. Ultimately, we want to free up owners to focus less on these issues and instead, spend more time experiencing the joy of motoring”.

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By filling out the form at this address you can directly access the free download of the app


The three founders of Custodian
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