Cavallino Classic Modena 2022

The Cavallino Classic Modena 2022, the Italian version of the famous Palm Beach competition for vintage Ferraris, has just taken place in the Casa Maria Luigia of chef Massimo Bottura. In its second edition, the event presented 31 masterpieces made in Maranello, 24 of which in competition, in a time span between the Ferrari 166 MM of 1950 and the Ferrari 599 GTO of 2010. In these sixty years, technology and the world itself has changed radically, as have the shape and technique of Ferraris. Seeing them all together, however, made it possible to understand how the evolution of taste and technical needs have not affected the canons of beauty.

The Sunday afternoon parade in Modena was one of the highlights of the occasion, with a crowd of people welcoming the wonderful jewels from different parts of the world. The cars went out in convoy towards the city center, crossing the iconic places that had seen a young Enzo Ferrari discover his passion for the car and, later, take his first steps as Director of the Scuderia he founded and as a car manufacturer. The judges, captained by Emiliano Torkar, elected two Best of Shows, one for road cars and one for racing cars, namely the 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto for the GTs and the 1959 Ferrari 250 Interim for the racing cars.

Scuderia Ferrari Cup Award (Best of Show Competition Ferrari) – The 1959 Ferrari 250 Interim chassis number 1461 GT is one of only seven produced. It finished fourth overall and second in its class at the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans. After years in a different color combination, it has just come out of a complete restoration that has, among other things, restored it to the exact configuration it had raced in the French marathon. Cavallino Classic Modena was its official debut in this historic configuration.

Gran Turismo Ferrari Cup Award (Best of Show GT Ferrari) – Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto from 1960, chassis number 1953 GT, originally sold in Italy to Dr. Cesare Marchi of Florence. It has an all-aluminum bodywork, like the racing versions, but in reality Dr. Marchi, an excellent Ferrari customer at the time, never took it to race and indeed, had requested it equipped with bumpers and the “less performance “specific to road cars.

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