Coppa Franco Mazzotti 2022

The 14th edition of the event dedicated to the leader of the founders of the 1000 Miglia, Franco Mazzotti, took place between Brescia, Lake Garda and Franciacorta on 1 and 2 October with 80 timed trials and 5 on average.

This year the Cup, the third Italian regularity event in order of magnitude, also saw the participation of three crews from the Progetto MITE team, which aims to include the blind and visually impaired in the world of motor racing. The roadbook was then transcribed in Braille and enlarged for the IPOs, and delivered to the navigators the day before the race. Here are the crews of the team that took part in the race: Leonardo Fabbri-Sonia Cipriani (n.41), Angelo Seneci-Elisabetta Russo (n.94), Giacomo Turri-Elisa Moscato (n.101).

Ph.: Enzo Giovanelli

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