Piombino-Livorno 1901, an 82 km run for Veteran cars

The re-enactment of the historic Piombino-Livorno 1901 race took place on Saturday April 23rd. An event reserved for cars from the most remote times of motorization, rediscovered in 2012 by the Garage del Tempo club in Cecina and now an international cult.

Every year crews from abroad also participate in the run – this year they received entries from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria – with cars from before 1918 that retrace the “1901 Piombino Livorno Grand Prix” through some of the roads most fascinating in Italy. That is the ancient Aurelia that from Piombino embraces the cliffs of the coast south of Livorno, making you see the cypresses of Bolgheri, and the historic streets of San Vincenzo, Rosignano and Cecina. Until the arrival in Livorno in the Mascagni Terrace overlooking the sea.

The 2022 edition was characterized by unfavorable weather, with sometimes intense rain that recalled the 1901 edition and which certainly did not stop today’s adventurous drivers. In fact, all of them successfully completed the 82 km journey to Livorno.

The Commander Admiral of the Naval Academy Flavio Biaggi greeted the arrival of the participants in the gala dinner on Saturday 23rd in the rooms of the Hotel Palazzo in Livorno. The following day all the crews and their vehicles were invited to enter the Academy headquarters, where they were offered an exclusive visit.

List of vehicles that were present:

1899 DeDietrich & Co 

1900 Renault Type C Course 

1901 Clement Panhard UCP  

1902 Renault Type G Tonneau  

1902 Aster Two Seater 669 1 Boero Franco 

1905 Peugeot Tipo 69 Bébé 

1906 Ford T Doppio Phaeton 

1907 Nagant Course 

1907 Adler 4/9 HP 

1907 Scat Tourer 

1908 Isotta Fraschini FENC 

1908 Fiat Ansaldi Br. Tipo 2 

1908 Fiat Tipo 1 

1908 Waltham Orient Buckboard 

1910 Cadillac Thirty Touring 

1911 Marion Bobcat 4200 2+2 

1911 Lorraine De Dietrich FHF4 

1912 De Dion Bouton D-H 

1912 Fiat Tipo 2 Corsa 

1912 Laurin & Clement KB 

1913 Fiat Zero Tipo 51 

1913 Fiat Zero 

1916 Ford T Town Car 

1917 Austro Fiat 2 DR 

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