Prova Resistenza, the only event in Italy for pre 1905 vehicles

The cheerful snorting of Veteran vehicles, that is, produced before 1905, is once again the protagonist on the roads of Veneto with the third edition of the Prova Resistenza Veicoli Automobili Province Venete, on 16 and 17 July. This is an international event, the only one in Italy reserved for vehicles with this age limit. It is organized by the Circolo Veneto Automoto d’Epoca to commemorate the first race held entirely in the regional territory in June 1899 between Padua, Vicenza and Treviso. Although with a shortened route to 80 km, the commemoration retraces the same provinces through Castelfranco Veneto, Cittadella and Bassano del Grappa.

As in the beginning, all motor vehicles are allowed at the start and therefore here is an extensive starting list which includes two motorcycles, two tricycles, two quadricycles and eighteen cars arrived from different countries such as Austria, Germany, France, England and of course Italy.

The vehicles that participated this year:

1 Christoph Schmidt BENZ VELO 1896

2 Vittorio Bogoni QUADRICICLO AUTOMOTO 1898

3 Alexis De Dietrich DE DIETRICH & CO. MOD. N/A 1899

4 Albrecht Mugler PEUGEOT MOD. 26 1899

5 Jean Alain Greze RENAULT TYPE C 1900

6 Osvaldo Faustini TRICICLO ROCHET 1900

7 Umberto Voltolin LOCOMOBILE STYLE 2 1900

8 Cinzia Bogoni TRICICLO SINGER 1901

9 Luigi Baulino DE DION BOUTON TYPE G VIS A VIS 1901

10 Fabrizio Rossi CLEMENT PANHARD VCP 1901

11 Fabio Verin ISOTTA FRASCHINI 1901

12 Elvira Dal Degan QUADRICICLO PEUGEOT 1902

13 Antonio Calleri RENAULT TYPE G 1902

14 Franco Boero ASTER 1902

15 Alessandro Ciapparelli OLDSMOBILE CDO 1902

16 Silvano Chesi MOTO MINERVA 1903

17 Wolfgang Presinger COVERT A 1903

18 Wolfgang Kramer LEON BUAT 1903

19 Enrico Viti MOTO QUENTIN TOURIST 1904

20 Luigi Rossi LA VIE RUNABOUT 1904

21 Franz Hofer OLDSMOBILE CDO 1904

22 Davide Rizzi HOLSMANN 321 1904

23 Nico Delogu PEUGEOT TYPE 69 1905

24 Raffaele Barbieri ADLER 4/9 HP 1907

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