Lombardy at the top with the International Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Register

It had been postponed three times but finally the meeting of the Touring Superleggera International Registry between Cremona and its province, lands of organs and violins, had its revenge. From 15 to 17 October it took place, accompanied by a mild and serene climate, among some beautiful places in Lombardy. Driving along the panoramic Italian roads with timeless masterpieces such as the Touring Superleggera models which amaze and enchant with their beauty and the harmony of their shapes is something that seems to be more part of the dream world than real. A dream that has come true between the historic center of Cremona and its Violin Museum, the Lombard countryside, the delightful village of Soncino and its castle. The splendid parade of Aston Martin DB5 and DB6, Lancia Flaminia, Maserati 3500 GT, Alfa Romeo 6C 2500, Giulia GTC, Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS and Sunbeam Alpine also stopped in Torre Pallavicina, in a location, Palazzo Barbò. Among the other gems of the route, the Bicycle Museum at Palazzo Vertua Robbiani in Soresina and the visit to the Officine Gorini, where a fantastic collection of vintage trucks was admired. But that’s not all: the last stage of the gathering saw the city of Crema, famous throughout the world for the production of pipe organs, with a visit to the Convent of Sant’Agostino. The reason? More than one: the huge fresco of the upper room by Pietro da Cemmo in the former refectory room and the precious Organ Museum.

Photo by Massimo Galli and Giancarlo Poli

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