Prova Resistenza Veicoli Automobili Province Venete 2021, a Veteran car show

The Prova Resistenza Veicoli Automobili Province Venete was the very first motor race completely held in the Veneto territory. It took place in June 1899 among Padova, Vicenza and Treviso. The same town where it went the path this year, in the second re-enactment of the run. Althought the route was not 172 km long like in the original run but it was about 80 km: a long distance anyway for the 17 pre 1905 Veteran cars which on July 17 and 18 drove around together in Bassano del Grappa, Castelfranco Veneto and Cittadella. The first vehicle to start was a 1896 Benz Velo of the German enthusiast Christoph Schmidt, the eldest car this year. Before it, already passed the start line a very rare 1896 Phebus trycicle, whose sound was soon overtaken by the more powerful one of a 1904 J.Quentin motorbike. Then, after a splendid 1898 De Dion Bouton vis-à-vis, on the start line in front of the Museum Museo Bonfanti Vimar in Bassano it was the turn – just to mention a few – of some exceptional pieces like a sports 1900 Renault Type C, the first Isotta Fraschini ever built (in 1901), an elegant 1902 Aster, a Peugeot 69 Bebè and a 1909-10 Adler preserved as original. The next rendez-vous with the Veneto show of the Veterans is next year with a new Prova in a new route around the same original three Provinces.

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