Renault 6L reunited!

The Renault 6 is one of those cars capable of arousing immediate sympathy. Whether for its lines that seem drawn with an ax, or for its spartan but sincere conception, it was a daring but worthy French front-wheel drive car of the seventies. With its original saddlery, the careful restoration it has undergone and the perfect condition of every part, the example pictured here, a 1975 L version, is also capable of inspiring a lot of admiration. Last but not least, thanks to its golden color – original as well – which lights up and ennobles its shapes. “I had it as a boy and I wanted to buy it back”, the owner told, who brought it to new life after buying it in Turin. A peculiarity of the Renault of those years is the glass expansion bowl, as seen inside the bonnet, where everything was obviously disassembled and overhauled. The engine? The same 845cc 4-cylinder as the R4 – of which the R6 has lived substantially in the shadow – but boosted up to 38 HP. With 4-speed manual gearbox and dry single plate clutch.

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