Salon Privé

Laura Ferriccioli
Salon Privé

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock (U.K.)

August 30th – September 2nd 2023


Imagine a place where the public can arrive by helycopter, a glass of champagne welcomes the visitors and the most desirable cars of now and yesterday are on display on a lovely English meadow full of beautiful people. In fact, the formula that gave the event its big success is that of a relaxed summer party with a massive dose of style and luxury.

Three good reasons to attend:

1) The genuinity and rarity of cars is truly high, they arrive every year from the most prestigious collections.

2) Blenheim Palace is a national monument. An historical place of a stunning beauty where the Rotschild barons lived and where Sir Winston Churchill was born. The interior is open to visitors and the bedroom where the prime minister saw the light is still conserved as original with all details.


3) The friendly atmosphere is also involving for the ladies with many boutiques all around the gardens and with the election of the women’s favourite cars.

Would you add another good reason to recommend the event?
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