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Hampton Court

Next edition will take place in 2023


The Concours of Elegance was established in 2012 to celebrate the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the thrones of the United Kingdom and other kingdoms, and is still the most royalty-infused of the British Concours d’Elegance. It is also one of the most important in the world.


Three good reasons to attend:

1) The cars invited are all winners just for being there: it goes without saying that, more than ever, there is the best of the best of the unique models – and not only – in circulation. It is then directly up to the owners to elect the most elegant of their favorites, so a super prize winner emerges every year anyway. Another plus point, the arrival and departure parades of the cars are spectacular and part of the show.

2) In the 2022 edition an all-new Prince of Michael of Kent class will gather the winners of each previous Concours of Elegance, crowning a best-of-the-best.

3) If you’ve never seen Hampton Court, the huge palace built by Henry VIII along the River Thames in southwest London, it is a must.


Hampton Court, Concours of Elegance


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