Fondazione Macaluso brings historic motorsport at university


In Italy, a cycle of university studies answers the big question of recent times: how to transmit the knowledge of classic cars to the new generations?


The name of the course, Sharing historic car knowledge, is one that leaves no room for doubt, here it is clearly a matter of transmitting the passion for historic motorsport. How? With lessons in Italy dedicated to students of universities, design academies and high schools and held by some of the most prestigious names in the sector. The initiative, which has just started, belongs to the Gino Macaluso Foundation for Historic Auto in Turin, the birthplace of the famous rally codriver of the Fiat team in the 1970s. The Foundation makes available to students the knowledge related to its collection – among the most important in the world – whose rally sports cars, track and GT cars have marked the history of sport and automotive style. But that’s not all: as in the first edition, which took place last spring, the Foundation’s workshop, specializing in the restoration and maintenance of cars, will also be available to the students. And, with the structure, also the know-how of the mechanics and the Scientific Committee, made up of engineers, professionals and pilots of international importance will be included in the studies.



Born to win. The course takes place at the Politecnico of Turin, where Gino Macaluso graduated in Architecture in 1974. The first lesson, on December 9, saw Miki Biasion, two-time rally world champion in 1988 and 1989, take the chair and engineer Vittorio Roberti of the Politecnico, also coordinator of the Lancia Delta Safari project, who took part in the Lancia Rally 037, Delta S4 and LC2 projects. Both members of the Fondazione’s Scientific Board, the two will illustrate the development and refinement of the Lancia Delta Safari over the years, thanks also to the continuous dialogue among pilots, engineers and mechanics. Vittorio Roberti will also hold the second lesson, scheduled for Wednesday 15 December again at the Turin PoitecnicoUniversity, dedicated to the Lancia Endurance track cars. The engineer will describe the path that led to the creation of the iconic Beta Montecarlo, LC1 and LC2: from the design to the races, passing through the development tests. He will be joined by engineer Giorgio Camaschella, who designed and oversaw the aerodynamic development of these cars.



From Turin to Milan. The third day of study will be held on Thursday 13 January 2022 at the headquarters of the Foundation (in Turin) and will be an integral part of the Master Brand Extension & Licensing of the Politecnico di Milano: a masterclass of 10 selected students who, under the guidance of the teacher Marco Turinetto, will work on the project Rally Style: 1966-1992, dedicated to the 17 cars featured in The Golden Age of Rally exhibition, scheduled for autumn 2022 at the National Automobile Museum in Turin. Created with the support of the Turin Chamber of Commerce and the patronage of ACI Automobile Club d’Italia and ACI Storico, the first cycle of lessons will close on January 20 with a visit to the Foundation, and then continue with a new series of appointments at Universities, Design Academies and Higher Institutes, which will see the participation of some of the most successful automobile designers.

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